“Do not deny us our sedatives.”
— Rene Crevel

I remember being a kid
and there was this girl

She lived across the street
Jamestown Crescent
city housing
where kids grow up on
bologna sandwiches
noise and anger
and little hope.

Vera never said much
and was a few years old than me.

When I’d visit she would
sit there on the lawn chair outside
and slowly put a needle and thread
through her forearm.

I never understood what she was doing. …

I’ve been a beer drinker for a long time. Sat in many a pub and bar watching other beer drinkers (as closet intellectuals so often do — sit and watch and think the world). I’ve downed, supped, gulped, guzzled, drank beer on all continents save Antarctica and I have found some curious sins that have long gone unnoticed and unpunished. I am going to put a stop to that.

Here are the 7 sins of beer drinkers that I think we should rail against and even I hope (if there is a god) send said drinkers committing the sins into…

In honor of Bohumil Hrabal

@jirihacek pixelbay

To avoid the unlivable is not to flee life but to throw oneself into it totally and irrevocably.” — Andre Breton, Inaugural Break

The gods have abandoned this land, this library of ignorance, this fifth floor where I look out like a sentinel on the high mast of a ship, adrift upon the waste land of an over fed city that moves about nowhere as all tragedy must, an eternity of stories never told, of children dying, of lost finger nails, of quelled lust — all going back and forth, waves of the day’s…

Does anyone remember the 80s and AIDs?

How we didn’t know what was going on and
we washed our hands after greeting someone
just in case they were
you know …
that type, one of “them”?

It’s now back in fashion.
This fear.
This primitive, so human
fed by our imaginations
and our deep need to
exclude, shame, frame
the “other”.

Who has Covid now?
Who squeezed this pack of Charman
and didn’t wipe it down after?
Who got the jab, who didn’t?
Who is on the right side of history?
Who is the one infecting MY world?


@3dparadise Unsplashme.com

I’m writing this not to evangelize but because of some recent comments about myself, my body, my refusal to get a vaccine as putting me into the category of drunk drivers, murderers, criminals, the immoral, the psychotic and mentally deranged.

I’m writing this so I can simply point people to this document of my thought process, research and the rational for not getting the COVID 19 vaccine. I’ll list my reasons and then briefly as possible share some analysis and commentary for those reasons.

Before doing so, let me make clear three things. 1. I, in no way, deny others…

Last week, one of my Twitter friends asked what he should reply to a student who asked what he needed to do to be as successful at English as his wife. The query made me think of my own classroom experiences and how with a few exceptions, most had been filled with women who excelled at learning English and men who struggled to learn and acquire English.

I posted up a survey on our ELT Professionals LinkedIn group and here are the results. The comments are enlightening and I’d like to highlight and summarize the thoughts of the many much…

I have had the honor to visit perhaps 1,000s of classrooms over the span of my career. A classroom is a “space” that has a particular feel, a particular set of conditions to help impart learning. You know a good one, the minute you walk in the door. Lighting, fresh air, layout, order, tools and materials in place.

But what about an online classroom? What are its online requirements? With the zoom to Zoom, I think a lot of essential “must haves” of the online space where learning occurs have been missed. What’s missing? What’s essential? What does the online…

David Deubelbeiss

Writer, thinker, educator, poet and homeless mind. A life is never finished, merely abandoned ….

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